10,000 additional distributors will be added for the Lunar New Year … Ministry of Regional Planning, Infrastructures and Transport, specific management such as the prevention of overwork


Ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday at the end of this month, 10,000 more workers will be added to prevent courier overwork. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructures and Transport announced on the 9th that it would designate the period from the 17th of this month to the 12th of the following month as the special period for managing deliveries. This special management period was designed to minimize damage to small business owners and consumers and prevent overwork by courier workers amid the strike by the CJ Logistics Parcel Delivery Union, which accounts for around 50%. of the parcel delivery market, for more than ten days. .

First, given the increased supply, 10,000 additional workers will be put in place. Around 3,000 people dedicated to sorting parcels, as well as 7,000 temporary workers, including terminal loading and unloading agents, delivery drivers and van drivers. , help on the construction site. According to the “Social Agreement to Prevent Overworking of Delivery Drivers” signed on June 22 of last year, most delivery drivers are guaranteed at least four days of rest during the Lunar New Year holidays. sharing of shared images

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  • Title: 10,000 additional distributors are added for the Lunar New Year… Ministry of Land, Infrastructures and Transport, specific management such as the prevention of overwork
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