DDMA meeting today to decide on more curbs


Delhi could have more brakes as a meeting of the Delhi Disaster Management Authority has been called to examine the Covid situation. The meeting will take place on Tuesday at 11 a.m.

According to sources, it is likely that government officials, except those working in essential services, will be asked to work from home. A similar notice is also expected for private offices, officials said. Other restrictions are expected to come into force: 33% seats in the Delhi metro, compared to 50% currently, and the closure of lounges and lounges.

“100% homework for government and private hospitals will likely be encouraged at Tuesday’s meeting. It will be decided which activities can be restricted and closed. Currently, we compare ourselves to other states in terms of the number of cases, restrictions and measures they have put in place. After analyzing and discussing all these things, DDMA will take a call for further restrictions, ”said a senior DDMA official.

Right now, all educational institutions in the city are closed, stores in markets and malls open on an odd-even basis, and gymnasiums are closed.

The last DDMA meeting was held last week, when cases were below 1,000. Since then, cases have quadrupled and the positivity rate has climbed to 6.46%.

“Weekend lockdown or a full curfew is not on the table right now. But it will be a question of closing other activities and restricting the number of seats in the metro and buses. Homework is most likely to be used to stop the movement of people. In addition, certain other activities such as trade fairs should be closed. A final decision will be made tomorrow, ”officials said.

According to the Covid Graduated Response Action Plan, a “red alert” should have been issued in the city on Monday because the positivity rate was above 5% for two consecutive days. This would have triggered a lockdown, including partial reduction of construction work, partial shutdown of industries, closure of all stores dealing with non-essential items, closure of restaurants and shutdown of public transport.

The government decided, however, that there was no need to further reduce restrictions as hospitalizations were low and more restrictions could trigger the city’s third migrant worker exodus.

Over the past week, however, the cases and the positivity rate have increased at a very rapid rate. The number of active cases crossed 10,000 on Monday, the first time since May 31. “The bright side so far is the hospitalization rate. We are in a very comfortable situation and hardly any patient has severe symptoms. Some restrictions could be announced, but most of them will be minor, ”said a senior Delhi government official.


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