Elizabeth Line: TfL mocks labeling ‘error’ on Crossrail’s Elizabeth Line


Transport for London (TFL) has been mocked by train passengers after what appears to be a labeling error for the new Elizabeth Line. The brand new Elizabeth Underground service will operate via Essex stations such as Romford, Brentwood and Shenfield, giving travelers a smooth and direct journey from Essex to Reading, via central London.

But passengers said they were “disappointed” after the line’s new signage opened. A Tube passenger has shared a photo on Twitter of the latest addition to the poster as he travels on the Central Line from Mile End station.

The photo shows several new purple labels next to the various stations to which the Elizabeth line is accessible. However, unlike other subway lines which only carry their name meaning the new route should be called “Elizabeth”, they have labeled it as the full name – Elizabeth Line, MyLondon reports.

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However, that’s because Elizabeth Line is both the name of the mode of transport and the line itself – it’s actually something separate from the London Underground, which operates the more traditional ‘lines’.

The wording prompted the passage to express its disappointment, with @dan_thomilson_ writing: “I feel very disappointed with TfL this morning. Deciding to label it ‘Elizabeth line’ rather than ‘Elizabeth’ is a striking mistake.”

They later responded to their initial tweet saying, “As @ClioChris says, do we now call it the Elizabeth Line? ‘Change here for the Central, Circle and Elizabeth lines.’

TfL’s mistake sent social media into a tailspin, with one person, @maggiesimpson49 replying: ‘That should have a capital L too?’ Another, @thefactcompiler said: “Ooooh. Heresy! The LU convention is that ‘line’ is always lowercase!”

A third, @sjcollins78, commented: “To be honest most Londoners will still call it crossrail, it’s been called crossrail for 15 years and everyone in the rail industry still refers to it as such.”

Many people have drawn comparisons with the addition of Battersea Power Station to the Northern Line. A fourth pointed out: “Tfl seems to be making it a habit. See Battersea Power Station.

However, a Twitter account, @saveecrewards explained: “It seems strange. But (thanks to Boris) “Elizabeth line” is the name instead of Crossrail. If it just said “Elizabeth” that would be the London Underground’s Elizabeth line which is also wrong.

MyLondon transport correspondent Callum Marius said: ‘Even though it is technically correct as the Elizabeth line is a new ‘mode’ (like Overground or DLR) and not an underground line, it is unintelligible to the passenger medium.”

The initial tweet racked up 47 retweets, 40 quote tweets, and 957 likes. The opening of the Elizabeth line is scheduled for the “first half of 2022”.

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