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From Wednesday 30e June to Thursday 1st In July, the IVECO UK product line will be showcased in full force at the inaugural ITT Hub (Innovation & Technology in Transport Hub) event at the Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Center in Hampshire.

A pioneer in innovative solutions for sustainable transport, IVECO is proud to be a market leader in natural gas propulsion, offering a complete solution for the transport of goods and people from 3.5 tonnes to 44 tonnes GVW.

At the forefront for more than 25 years, more than 35,000 natural gas engines have been used on European roads, having traveled more than a billion kilometers since 1996. Local or long-haul, IVECO believes that the energy of natural gas is currently the only viable means of transport. decarbonation solution ready here and now, offering a 95% reduction in CO2 by running on Biomethane.

Visitors to ITT Hub will be able to get acquainted with the latest range of technologically advanced utility vehicles from IVECO. From the newly unveiled Daily with IVECO Driver Pal connectivity, revolutionary Air-Pro adaptive suspension and memory foam seats to the bold, aerodynamic and fully connected IVECO WAY lineup of heavy-duty trucks.

IVECO Daily is much more than a van, it is a full-service one-stop-shop for the transport of goods and people. Conventional diesel or compressed natural gas (CNG) engines, the Daily range features cutting-edge innovations such as the popular HI-MATIC 8-speed automatic transmission, full LED headlights, Over-the- software updates Air, adaptable connected repair and maintenance compatibility and the ruggedness, durability and adaptability of its truck-like ladder frame. The range extends from 3.5 t panel vans, crew vans, chassis and crew cabins, to class-exclusive stripped-down chassis hoods, 7.2 t GVW Daily 7 -Tonne.

IVECOThe Daily 7-Tonne’s handling and payload rivaling light trucks make it a truly unique proposition in an evolving industry. Also available with natural gas fuel or extreme off-road 4×4 capability, it is second to none.

The Daily 4 × 4, available as off-road with one rear wheel or all-terrain with dual rear wheels, is the go-anywhere vehicle for any mission. Choose from 3.5-7t GVW, van, chassis, hood or crew cab, 12 (manual) or 16 (Hi-Matic) forward gears (including low gears), three locking differentials and a load maximum payload of 4,300 kg and an unparalleled performance experience on or off the tarmac.

IVECO Bus Daily Line is a factory-built passenger transport solution offering the highest passenger capacity in its class. Seating up to 22 passengers, the quick-release rear seats can be specified in conjunction with a rear-access wheelchair lift for travelers with reduced mobility. On the front, manual, sliding or electric plug-in doors make it the ideal solution for interurban, airport or school transport.

A long-time favorite of urban fleets, Eurocargo was the first medium-duty truck to offer an automated transmission as standard providing superb handling with improved ride comfort. IVECO’s innovative and patented HI-SCR exhaust gas aftertreatment system eliminates the need for high temperature, high stress filter regenerations and completely eliminates the need for forced shutdowns. Eliminating wasted time and idling time not only reduces operating costs, but also increases productivity and limits its environmental impact. Indeed, the truck that the city loves.

At the heavy end of the scale, the IVECO S-WAY ushered in a new era of driver comfort and vehicle connectivity, further enhanced with the imminent arrival of the IVECO Driver Pal and a set of diversified engines. With a drag coefficient up to 12% lower than that of its predecessor, IVECO S-WAY is able to improve fuel economy by up to 4%. Combined with the R&M 3XL packages connected as standard on all new vehicles (2 years for diesel, 3 years for natural gas), IVECO S-WAY raises the bar in terms of total cost of ownership. Its new interior and premium comfort features, such as the updated Over-the-Air installation, reclining bunk, internal standing height of 2.15m, full LED lighting, app mobile IVECO ON EasyWAY and nearly 630 liters of internal storage make it as much a truck for the company as for the driver.

The IVECO X-WAY completes the new IVECO WAY family, the perfect cross between on-road handling and off-road durability. For mixer applications, the Super Loader variant offers exceptional payload capacity, the best in its class, with a range of powerful and efficient Cursor motors, a 12-speed HI-TRONIX gearbox and a functional cabin complementing a desirable proposition for more demanding transport needs.

“We are very happy to participate in ITT Hub after more than a year of uncertainty and unbalanced social interactions,” commented IVECO UK Managing Director Sascha Kaehne.

“This is a great opportunity to showcase our amazing collective of products and give people the opportunity to examine and experience what we firmly believe to be the most comprehensive line of sustainable and innovative commercial vehicles on the market. the market in a safe but welcoming environment. “

The complete display of the IVECO exhibitor stand 5 includes:

  • New IVECO Daily 3.5t Hi-Matic closed box (35S16A8V / P)
  • IVECO Daily 3.5t Hi-Matic CNG with Brit-Tipp tipper (35S14NA8)
  • IVECO Bus Daily Line 6,5t Hi-Matic Minibus (65C18HA8 B LMB / P)
  • IVECO Daily 4 × 4 All-Road 7t Hi-Matic Closed Box (70C18HA8V WX)
  • IVECO Eurocargo 7.5t 4 × 2 with Brit-Tipp tipper (ML75E19K)
  • IVECO S-WAY 44t 6 × 2 (AS440S46TX / P)
  • IVECO S-WAY Natural Power LNG 40t 6 × 2 (AS440S46TX / P LNG)
  • IVECO X-WAY 32t 8 × 4 tipper configured for off-road (AD360X48Z OFF)

The full IVECO Ride & Drive vehicle experience includes:

  • IVECO Bus Daily Line CNG 6,5t Hi-Matic Minibus (65C14HA8 B LMB / P)
  • IVECO S-WAY Natural Power CNG 40t 4 × 2 (AS44046T / P CNG)

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