NI public transport strikes: Dates, tips and everything you need to know


Northern Ireland public transport workers are set to go on strike next week.

Translink workers rejected a pay offer from the company last week and said it would continue a previously suspended strike.

This means the entire Northern Ireland bus network will be shut down, with no services operating from May 17-23.

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The strikes will include a complete shutdown of bus lines, while trains will remain operational.

What form will industrial action take?

Translink bus drivers, cleaners and laborers voted for NI-wide strikes through their unions.

This means that no buses will operate for the whole week.

The strikes took place following a dispute over workers’ pay

Trains will continue to run normally.

It is part of a dispute between workers and Translink over wages, with unions rejecting Translink’s latest offer on Monday.

What about transport for schoolchildren?

Strikes mean there will be no more public school buses.

Parents have been advised to organize an alternative trip for their children to ensure they can attend school.

The strikes are also happening the same week some students are taking their AS and A Level exams, with some of them taking them for the first time in person.

The parents have previously told Belfast Live that “the stress is unreal” as they and their children try to come to terms with the situation.

Those using school buses have been urged to arrange alternative transport
Those using school buses have been urged to arrange alternative transport

What is the advice for those going to work?

The Department of Infrastructure has advised those who can to work from home where possible.

“The Department would encourage people to work from home where possible or consider other sustainable methods of travel, including walking, cycling and carpooling,” a spokesperson added.

“Translink will ensure that information on public transport services during the industrial action is communicated to passengers through the media, on their website , via social networks, in stations, on buses and trains. All rail services will continue to operate as normal.”

How are bus lanes affected?

The Ministry also indicated that the reserved bus lanes will operate completely normally.

“It is expected that the bus lanes will remain operational during the industrial action,” they added.

“Bus lanes will remain open to cyclists, authorized taxis and buses in service.”

Bus lanes will continue to operate normally
Bus lanes will continue to operate normally

What did Translink and the unions say?

Translink said it had “exhausted all options” in negotiations with unions Unite and GMB over wages and conditions.

“All train services will continue to operate as normal,” a spokesperson said.

“We will communicate relevant information to passengers through the media, on our website, via social networks, in stations, on buses and trains.

“Translink apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.”

GMB and Unite the Union said their workers needed help coping with the cost of living crisis.

“The dispute, which affects bus drivers, cleaners and labourers, will shut down the entire bus network in Northern Ireland. It will be a complete shutdown,” said GMB’s Peter Macklin.

“Employers need to understand that with inflation reaching levels not seen in a generation, these workers deserve compensation that protects them from the cost of living crisis and they have Unite’s full support as they recover. strike,” said Sharon Graham of Unite.

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