Open top container for transporting trees a greener alternative for SFC


Credit Sumitomo Forestry Corporation.

Japanese logging company Sumitomo Forestry Corporation (SFC) has created a container to transport the trees, as the group switches from trucking to rail transport to reduce its carbon footprint.

With the help of fellow logistics group Nippon Express, the 9.44 meter container, named Mirai (Japanese for “future”) green cargois designed with an open top to allow trees to breathe.

An SFC spokesperson said The Loadstar the new container, owned and operated by subsidiary Sumitomo Forestry Landscaping, is undergoing various trials.

She said: “We are looking at the average number of trees to be transported per month, as well as the possibility of switching completely to rail transport. Currently, there is only one trial green cargo container. However, we plan to add more.

SFC’s sales target was 500,000 trees in the year ended March 31, compared to 416,000 the previous year.

A Nippon Express spokesperson said Mirai Green Cargo was designed exclusively for Sumitomo Forestry Landscaping.

He said, “Society’s demands for corporate environmental measures are increasing year by year. As part of its sustainability goal, Sumitomo Forestry Landscaping has decided to gradually “modal shift” from truck to rail for trees given the shortage of drivers and the need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. .

Mirai Green Cargo has features such as a mesh top to allow air circulation, a floor structure that allows rainwater drainage and more tie-down hooks for easy securing as normal dry containers can damage trees due to internal heat build-up.


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