Presentation of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter


Climb aboard the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and you’ll discover a strange world of familiar Mercedes parts and totally un-Mercedes parts. It’s a journey. #mercedes #mercedesbenz #mercedessprinter

Video transcript

All right, let’s get aboard the Mercedes Sprinter.


Here is. Now, that’s very interesting because obviously it’s a…


Very business-oriented vehicle; but it’s also still a Mercedes, so you’ve got plenty of Mercedes gear inside. Let’s get on board.


And– you know, these little rockers here, they’re very common for Mercedes. This steering wheel is basically what you’d find in a Class A, with the same touch controls here. The door controls and these buttons. I mean, they’re not going to make cheaper parts just for the Sprinter. They’re going to remove it from our parts bin. Even these rotary knobs are basically the same. So let’s turn on the car. Or– sorry, the giant van.


And There you go. I mean, this doesn’t have the MBUX control elements, touchpad and all that; but I mean, look at the charts. These are the same as you would find in a GLB, or anything really. It’s consistent, even though the screen is just a touchscreen, and it’s a little on the small side. There are analog gauges here. Just nothing particularly fancy. USB-C ports are above the dash here and allow you to stow your phone, say, nine feet away from you. There are also cup holders here and there. I really don’t know why. Maybe because it’s optional, I guess.

Here we are. It’s manual air conditioning, which you don’t see in car-like Mercedes. There, if you’re Abe Lincoln wearing your hat, well, no problem, you’ve got some headroom here. There are also some–


Spare storage here, and– yes, the full score. I don’t think it’s the normal MB-Tex leatherette. It’s very vinyl. But he has a thigh extender…


What is rather neat, a little comfort. It doesn’t matter because — yeah, again — there you go. And then, all you have to do is rely on your big old mirrors. And then when saving, you have all the views from the parking camera and such. So that’s the interior of the Mercedes Benz Sprinter, and the view is really unlike anything else there other than other full-size vans.


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