Shipper Profile of Choice 2021: Campbell Soup Company


Presented by FreightWaves, in partnership with ArcBest, the Shipper of Choice Award recognizes manufacturers, distributors and retailers who do the best job of keeping the U.S. economy moving by tackling driver detention, providing accessible facilities and understanding what it takes to eliminate inefficiencies in the supply chain.

Among the top 25 shippers of choice for 2021 are … Campbell Soup Co.

About Campbell Soup

New York Stock Exchange Symbol CPB
Headquarter Camden, New Jersey
2020 turnover $ 8.691 billion
2020 net income $ 1.628 billion
History of the preferred sender 2019 (Top 25), 2021 (Top 25)

Nomination Notes for Campbell Soup

Campbell Soup Co. and its subsidiaries have revamped its supply chain network to meet a significant increase in demand for its soups and snacks, as more consumers increase their food purchases at home during the pandemic of COVID-19.

The company said its distribution costs fell in 2020 “due to lower transportation and logistics costs, due to excess availability, warehousing efficiency and lower fuel costs. “according to its 2020 annual report. However, Campbell’s also said it had” seen a recent increase in transportation and logistics costs. ”

Campbell’s said it expects supply pressures to continue through 2021 to source certain ingredients and packaging, including steel, aluminum, glass, agricultural products. , proteins and other basic products, due to the pandemic.

Since the start of the pandemic, Campbell’s has said its top priorities have included caring for employees; to produce and distribute products as safely and quickly as possible to customers, consumers and communities across North America; and anticipate and plan for the future.

The company also made new commitments to reduce packaging waste by increasing circularity – keeping materials used and out of landfills. It is committed to shifting 100% of packaging to materials and designs that are recyclable or industrially compostable by 2030.

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