Transport fares set to increase further with soaring fuel prices


When we published this current adjustment, the fuel price was GH₵7,990 [per liter]so we are waiting for the 10% ratio so if it goes to GH₵8.8 [per litre], we will propose a new price. This is the only way to support our transportation industry,” he noted.

On Tuesday, March 15, 2022, the news announced that the prices of petroleum products would experience a significant increase from Wednesday, March 16, with consumers having to pay between GH¢10 and GH¢11 per litre.

According to the GPRTU, it deliberates on the percentage adjustment to be made to the existing tariffs.

Mr. Moro further said that the government has also failed to communicate with the union about recent price hikes at the gas pump.

The Union’s communications official thus blamed the government for the frequent adjustment of transport tariffs.

We came up with this strategy which would have helped, we wouldn’t be where we are today, because internally we created our taxes, levies and margins on which we committed the government.

“If the government listened to us or could do something, we wouldn’t be here. So we need to do this to support our members,” he said.

The GPRTU only increased fares by 15% on February 26, barely a month ago.

Meanwhile, the minority in Parliament is calling for the immediate removal of three taxes on petroleum products to mitigate the impact of rising crude oil prices on the international market.

The minority demand comes as consumers are currently buying petrol and diesel above 8 cedis at the pump and threaten to exceed nine cedis in the next window which starts today, March 16.


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