Transport Safety Commissioner Gary Prosser owns shares in a company involved in the Port of Brisbane probes


In a statement to age, the office said Prosser, who joined in late 2019, received approval from the office’s board of directors to join the AMSG in May 2021 on the grounds that he recused himself from any matters involving the AMSG. His participation serves as compensation for sitting on the Board of Directors.

“Mr. Prosser has no oversight or involvement in either [bureau] investigations currently underway into incidents of vessel breakage in the Port of Brisbane,” the statement read. “Mr. Prosser will have no role in future transportation safety investigations involving AMSG or its affiliates, as well as transportation safety investigations involving AMSG’s business competitors.

“The [bureau’s] The committee is therefore confident that any real or perceived conflict of interest has been and will continue to be appropriately managed.

But former Victoria Court of Appeal judge Stephen Charles, KC, said it was inappropriate for a commissioner of the security body to have an interest in a company operating in a market under the responsibility of the guard dog.

The Center for Public Integrity board member said a conflict of interest may exist even if Prosser recused himself from matters involving Poseidon directly, as he could investigate issues involving Poseidon’s competitors in the offshore pilotage industry, which is relatively small.


“How can someone who is in a watchdog position over a group of companies also hold a stake and a directorship in one of these companies?” Charles said.

age does not suggest that Prosser acted improperly, only that he declared the conflict and that the federal government assess the matter.

The government appointee Morrison is one of four part-time commissioners in the office. He specializes in the maritime industry and is responsible for approving survey reports before they are released and controlling quality and timeliness.

These reports make unambiguous conclusions to determine the cause of hazardous incidents. Most evidence collected during investigations cannot be used in civil or criminal proceedings. However, the results can have a bad image of the companies and damage their reputation, thus influencing their ability to win contracts.

Prosser is a well-known figure in the maritime industry who has held prominent local and international positions in both the public and private sectors.

An AMSG spokeswoman said he was one of the most respected and experienced people in global maritime security. “His career has focused on improving the maritime industry and he has led international change in safety, compliance and the environment. He has always upheld the highest standards of ethical and professional excellence “said the spokesperson.

The office said Prosser’s co-commissioners had confidence in his integrity.

age was informed by both the bureau and the private company that their responses to his inquiries had been developed in consultation with Prosser.

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